Social media platform eFuse partners with NASEF

Their agreement will provide scholarships, networking and educational content to help provide future pathways for K-12 students through esports.

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) today forged an exclusive partnership agreement with social networking platform eFuse to be the exclusive provider of learning content to help site users “understand educational possibilities and activities that involve the entire esports ecosystem.”

NASEF will be the key developer of K-12 content on a newly launched learning page, which will focus on STEM, skill development, fitness and research, as well as educational pathways to careers in all aspects of esports. Educators, coaches, and students will help present content through blogs and videos, allowing users to learn about all levels of the video game industry.

eFuse, which is available in web and mobile applications, connects the gaming community and provides tools for individuals to build a unique gaming portfolio, collaborate professionally, and create tailored content.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for NASEF and the leaders within their organization,” said Matthew Benson, CEO and founder of eFuse and a speaker at this October’s Academic Esports Conference and Expo, where NASEF is a program partner. “Their mission is really important for the ecosystem of K-12 education and the future of the opportunities within this industry. As we began to build our learning page, we knew their rich research, curriculum, and content would be extremely valuable for our eFuse community,”

As part of the initiative, NASEF students will be eligible to receive “#ForTheGamers” scholarships being given by eFuse. Two new $1,000 scholarships will be available only to NASEF students. Applications will open to NASEF member students later this year.

“There are tremendous career opportunities in esports, from business development and marketing, to technical and design roles, to streaming and casting – and of course, gaming itself. NASEF is giving youth an opportunity to envision the possibilities and gain practical experience in those areas,” said Tom Turner, NASEF’s chief education officer. “This partnership with eFuse will provide insights into the burgeoning scholastic esports world that is shaping the esports workforce.”

One of the big benefits, is that the eFuse platform will provide students with the opportunity to build a portfolio to showcase their work and to network with professionals.

NASEF was founded in 2018 and now has member clubs in more than 45 U.S. states, plus several provinces in Canada. Students participate in NASEF through clubs in their schools, local libraries, YMCAs, and more. The group recently announced partnerships with both the British Esports Association and the Japan High School Esports Federation to increase its global reach.

eFuse launched its beta web application on Jan. 2 along with its #ForTheGamers campaign. eFuse is also giving away $2020 every week of 2020 in order to impact future gamers and content creators, including the NASEF scholarship described above.

“This is another example how we can use the #ForTheGamers fund to impact students from all over the country,” Benson said. “We understand that investing in the next generation of gamers is extremely important. For us, it’s about access and opportunity. Young gamers need to know that they can take their passion for gaming and turn it into a profession.”

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