School Renewal: Accessing New Funding for Facilities and Energy Projects

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Date & Time: Tuesday, June 11th at 2 pm ET

K-12 school districts nationally are facing billions of dollars in deferred maintenance and other costs associated with aging buildings, while energy costs continue to rise, and inflation is putting additional pressure on education budgets.

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, an advisor from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of State and Community Energy Programs and an education facilities expert from Trane will discuss how to access and use newly available funding from the federal government to finance much-needed school facilities improvements in any district.

Topics will include:

  • Using energy savings performance contracting (ESPC) programs in K-12
  • What resources are available through the DOE’s new ESPC Campaign
  • How to leverage expanded incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  • Practical implementation examples from school districts


Laura Carpenter, Advisor for Partnerships and Technical Assistance, Office of State and Community Energy Programs, U.S. Department of Energy

Michael Hines, Education Leader, Trane

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