NASEF to share esports curriculum with world-leading organization

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation will also give program support to IESF members.

The organization that has been expanding the ecosystem of esports throughout K-12 schools in the United States is growing its global reach exponentially again.

The non-profit North America Scholastic Esports Federation is teaming up with the International Esports Federation to help infuse NASEF’s curriculum and programs to schools and educators worldwide.

NASEF’s executive director, Gerald Solomon, has been appointed Chair of the World Esports Education Commission.

“Youth around the world are enthralled with esports, so it makes sense to connect play and learning for all kids, no matter where they reside or their living circumstances,” Solomon said. “We’re excited to work with IESF member nations to implement our scholastic esports programs to positively impact their students and position them to thrive and acquire the skills needed for high-demand careers.”

Through the partnership, IESF members from more than 100 nations and five continents will gain access to the tools to help students forge future pathways through esports and NASEF’s unique academic offerings. The IESF plans to help implement NASEF’s standards-based curriculum used in high schools, career tech and middle schools.

“Across the world, educators are looking for compelling ways to connect with their students and teach them valuable skills in an enjoyable atmosphere,” Vlad Marinescu, president of IESF said. “NASEF has spent years developing and refining its scholastic esports system; this alliance will allow us to leverage that expertise for the benefit of IESF students and athletes worldwide.”

In a field that is growing revenues by double-digits annually, the IESF is one of the most recognized forces in video gaming. It hosts the Global Esports Executive Summit, the Global Esports Academic Competiton and the Esports World Championship, which is the largest in the world.

NASEF is fast becoming one of the world’s premier esports forces too, having restructured its leadership team over the past year with top industry standouts while forging partnerships with the High School and Middle School Esports Leagues, the National Association of Collegiate Esports and global talent development platform Tallo. It has been building a pipeline of connections all over the globe, from England to Japan, while continuing to offer premier value for educators through initiatives such as its Scholastic Fellows Programs and camps for students.

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