Making the Switch: Digital Transformation in K-12 Records Management

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Date & Time: Thursday, August 15th at 2 pm ET

The education sector stands on the brink of a significant transformation—moving from an era dominated by paper to one powered by digital solutions. This shift promises not only to revolutionize the way we manage documents but also to redefine the operational efficiency within our schools and school systems.  

In this webinar, the CTO of the School District of Manatee County will discuss how his school system transformed its own document management system through an innovative strategic blueprint, a mobile mass scanning fleet, and a close partnership between district leadership and school site staff.  

If the transition from paper to digital document management feels overwhelming and confusing for you and your team, this webinar is not to be missed. 


Scott A. Hansen, Chief Technology Officer, School District of Manatee County 

Marshall Simmonds, Vice President, Scribbles Software 

Scott Francis, Technology Evangelist, PFU America, a Ricoh Group company 

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