How today’s librarians are media specialists

FETC 2020 speaker Rosalyn Washington discusses the changing role of the librarian, and the importance of teaching students technology and media skills

Dr. Rosalyn Washington is the digital learning specialist for literacy at Atlanta Public Schools. She will be presenting at FETC 2020 in Miami on topics related to leadership, a shifting pedagogy, and integrating digital resources with literacy.

Library sciences have changed quite a bit since Washington was a young student. She remembers being enthusiastic when her school in New York City decided to replace mandatory library time with a computer lab and Spanish class. She used to dread the old fashioned library class and found that the shift to computers boosted learning excitement.

“I remember it being a very exciting time. I try to hold on to that moment of excitement [today]. All children should experience that at school, mixed in with the act of learning itself.”

With the library itself in transition, Atlanta public schools have stepped up efforts to increase the librarian’s role in media-related services. Washington adds, “My district now understands librarians to be media specialists. They are not the librarians of old, but are now charged with helping today’s students become fluent in media use.”

To listen to the full Q&A, click here.

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