Here are 1 million ways teachers are having serious fun on TikTok

TikTok teachers are showing off their video production skills as they connect with students and exchange ideas with colleagues.

TikTok Teachers are trashing their insecurities. That might not be the sentence you were expecting to read, but the educators who made the following TikTok video found a fun way to send out a heartfelt and inspiring message to their colleagues and students about daring to be different:


Trash your insecurities! You are amazing in every way! #tiktokteachers #schoolhousetok #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #support #selflove

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First of all, if you don’t what TikTok is, think YouTube at warp speed and with a lot of dancing—or just ask the nearest student to show it to you on their phone (that is, if they are allowed to have their phone). Secondly, the video above, from the @schoolhousetok collaborative, exemplifies how many teachers are using TikTok: They’re having some serious fun (and showing off their video production skills) as they connect with students (meeting students where they are) and exchange ideas with colleagues. Of course, some TikTok teachers are just downright silly and are using the platform to commiserate with each other while riffing on public education.

TikTok teachers’ tips

The simple literacy lessons created by @iamthatenglishteacher have amassed 4.5 million followers—not bad for an educator, considering the actor Will Smith, who owns one of the world’s most popular TikTok accounts, has 72.2 million followers (despite the Oscars controversy). The teacher, also known as MsJames, films and posts the lessons she gives her class on spelling, word usage and writing, among other ELA topics.

Are you fully confident you know how to use commas properly in all situations? Well, here’s MsJames’ wildly popular video on commas:


#commause #writingtips #commapunctuationuseinasentence #socialmediagrammarmistakes #grammareducator #grammarteacher #sentencestructuring #ELAteacher

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Shane Saeed, who produces @thefantasticallyfourth, is trying to reach her fellow teachers with tips on a range of topics, such as what tone of voices teachers can use to prompt students, the effectiveness of the rock, paper, scissors game in the classroom, and how she keeps away the “Sunday Scaries.”

TikTok climate control

Not all TikTok teachers are strictly academic or focused on professional development. Educators, like Mr. Rodney of @teachertoteacher, have culture and climate in mind. Here, he shares a message of tolerance and inclusion, with tips for how classes can recognize the LGBTQ+ community on National Coming Out Day:


Things to think about when days like National Coming Out Day come around. Reflecting on your inclusivity practices throughout the year is always a good idea. Shoutout to the teachers that are doing the work to making students of all identities feel seen! . . . . . #teachersof2022 #teachersontiktokfyp #teachersoftiktok2022 #middleschoolteachersoftiktok #inclusiveclassroom #teachersoftiktok #gayteachers????️‍???? #gayteachersoftiktok #comingoutday2022 #comingoutday

♬ original sound – Mr. Rodney – ELA Teacher

Of course, no discussion of classroom climate would be complete without a dose of social-emotional learning. Here, @elementarywithemma, explains a “bug and a wish”—a game-changing conflict resolution trick for the early grades:


Teacher tip ‼️ try “a bug and a wish” for your littles that need help solving problems with others. I got this from a teammate and it has worked so well for me the last few years! #teacher #teachertip

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Laughing is learning

A lot of teachers are simply showing the world all the funny things that happen during the school day—and how some classroom management ideas (i.e., phone jails) can backfire.


???? #teachersoftiktok #middleschool #latinxteacher

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Finally, some dancing. And If you’re still not convinced your TikTok teachers are having fun with their students, Miss Doyle is definitely having a ball. She posts hidden video clues so her kids can guess the classroom’s daily theme:


Replying to @nellabella11222 What will tomorrow’s outfit theme be!????? #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #foryou #tiktokteacher #secondgradeteacher #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #school #adhdteacher #elementaryschool #studentengagement #outfitoftheday #ootd #teacheroutfit #teacheroutfitcheck #teacheroutfits #teacheroutfitoftheday #halloween #spiderweb #bat #spooky #halloween2022 #dress #StemDrop001 #FomotionalFinds

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