FETC featured speaker discusses classroom creativity and relationship-building

Hopewell Area School District assistant superintendent Jacie Maslyk says relationships are the foundation of effective PD
By: | October 4, 2019

In this interview and podcast, Hopewell Area School District assistant superintendent and FETC 2020 featured presenter Jacie Maslyk discusses the importance of personalized, relationship-based PD, and developing creativity in classroom instruction.

From the interview:

Dr. Maslyk is a true believer in relationships, finding them a vital component of the learning process. Harkening back to her early education, Maslyk points to the enthusiasm of one particular chemistry teacher that not only sparked her interest in science but education as well.

“We had this sense that he cared about us. Whether chemistry was something I was interested in, he made me interested in it because he connected with me and made sure that I understood the concepts. He found ways to build a relationship with me that made me want to learn.”

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