FETC 2020 to feature interactive ‘sandbox’ experiences

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience new education technologies in an immersive, hands-on environment

The FETC 2020 conference in Miami will feature three different “sandbox” experiences for attendees, offering unique opportunities to interact with cutting-edge education technologies in a hands-on environment.

The AR/MR/VR Experience Sandbox is focused on augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality, enabling attendees to experience these technologies firsthand and learn how to implement them into curriculum across all content areas. This sandbox experience is open to all attendees and will feature highly immersive and interactive demos. Participants can experience a virtual world or a virtual field trip and see how AR/MR/VR can be used in areas such as art, history, science, math, literature, cinema, travel and gaming.

The Maker Education Sandbox will feature current practitioners sharing the DIY activities, tools, design concepts and curriculum that they are using in their districts. Educators who are committed to teaching STEAM in their classes will be inspired and encouraged by the capabilities for multidisciplinary instruction and project-based learning offered by the pedagogy known as Maker Education, which includes 3D printing, electronics, programming, robotics, design thinking and learning space design.

The Elementary Digital Tools Sandbox will be focused on the latest tech for young learners aged 3-10, including robots, tangible tech, apps and more. Teachers, administrators, media/library specialists, coaches and interested elementary educators will engage in playful exploration and meaningful conversation about developmentally appropriate technology and implementation strategies.

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