Expanding data integration for educators as part of Microsoft Education

February 5, 2019 | BrightBytes

Leading education data analytics organization, BrightBytes, announced the sale of data integration platform, DataSense, to Microsoft. This will enable the DataSense platform, already the premier integration platform as a service (IPaaS) solution for both education solution providers and U.S. school districts, to improve data interoperability and integration across a global market.

DataSense has proven itself a best-in-class data integration platform, evident not only by multiple Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, but also by the platform’s robust capabilities. DataSense currently integrates secure data for millions of learners across hundreds of districts daily. Central to the fundamental success of the DataSense platform, Microsoft will also be welcoming the BrightBytes data management team to the global education team.

Leaders from both Microsoft and BrightBytes believe that adding DataSense to the Microsoft education product offering was the natural next phase in their ongoing work together. With this announcement, Microsoft can help DataSense scale to more people faster. General Manager of Education Strategy and Platforms at Microsoft, Steve Liffick, shares, “In the coming months, we’re excited to begin the process of integrating DataSense technology into our products for schools, providing a single, more secure, Microsoft-based service that will unlock the power of data analytics for schools. As we start this journey of integration, BrightBytes customers using DataSense can rest assured they will not experience any disruption.” In fact, educators can expect the exceptional support BrightBytes provided in the past, but from a larger team, focused entirely on the DataSense product.

BrightBytes’ vision to use data to improve the way the world learns can only be achieved when educators have access to high-quality, communicable data. Efficient, wide-spread data integration lies at the core of BrightBytes’ analytics work, and Microsoft can make this a reality for all schools much more quickly. BrightBytes CEO, Traci Burgess, explains, “We are excited about the global acceleration this sale provides to our mission. Schools around the world will benefit greatly from capabilities across data integration, interoperability, and provisioning.”

BrightBytes will continue to grow their analytics organization, which currently provides research-based, predictive analytics across school improvement, digital learning, and student success, via their Clarity platform, to over 25,000 schools globally. The BrightBytes team will also partner further with Microsoft, turning to the DataSense platform for integration needs.

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BrightBytes, the leading data analytics solution for education organizations, provides educators with the power to turn big data into big benefits for students. The organization’s decision-support platform, Clarity, employs advanced analytics, including machine learning, psychometrics, and predictive analytics to organize and visualize actionable data across research-based frameworks to drive student learning.

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