Superintendent takes $21,000 paycut to help trim budget shortfall

The leader of the Washougal School District has volunteered to reduce her compensation by almost $21,000 as part of efforts to address a $3 million budget shortfall.

Superintendent Mary Templeton asked to reduce her base salary by $7,200 for the 2024-25 school year, according to Les Brown, the district’s director of communications and technology. She will also concede $5,906 in vacation buy-back and waive a $7,792 salary increase and inflation adjustment.

“In addition to reductions in professional development, travel, and professional memberships, my pay cut and pay freeze allow me to demonstrate a willingness to be part of the solution,” Templeton told The Post-Record. “These sacrifices will help us protect staffing and programs that are important to the community. As we make these really difficult decisions, I feel the responsibility to share in the sacrifice I’m asking others to make.”

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