Why parents in this high-performing school district chose all-remote learning (subscription)

By: | October 14, 2020

Margaret Li once described herself as the kind of mother who rarely allowed her two sons to miss a day of school. But in the pandemic, she faced a dilemma. Though she believed her boys would benefit from in-person classes, she had another person to consider: her 68-year-old mother, who lives with the family in Bellerose, Queens.

“While kids are safe, my mom is safe too,” said Ms. Li, an administrative assistant for Queensborough Community College who plans to keep her sons in remote learning until there is a vaccine. “Her health is most important to our family.”

Ms. Li is one of the hundreds of thousands of parents in New York who have opted out of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s school reopening plan, which allows students to mix in-person instruction at school a few days a week with virtual learning at home. More than half of the school system’s 1.1 million students have chosen all-remote learning through at least November, and many educators believe that number is likely to keep growing.

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