‘What teachers and schools need is for the whole community to see education as its job’

When it comes to community schools, districts should turn to proven models that offer comprehensive supports
July 8, 2019 | The Hechinger Report

When you think about the obstacles that many students face, you might not put the weather at the top of the list. But during a typical Twin Cities cold snap in January, a family in St. Paul, Minnesota, had to deal with their children coming home to bone-chilling cold when the furnace broke down.

It’s hard for children to focus on homework and studying when they’re freezing. In this case, help was available. Mary Vang, a nonprofit employee embedded at St. Paul’s Humboldt High School to support students’ outside-the-classroom needs, bought the family a heater to warm their home until the furnace could be fixed. Vang and others like her across the country play vital roles in bringing a wide range of community services inside the schoolhouse, thus ensuring that teachers can do what they do best: teach.

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