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Ray Bendici

In addition to science principles, the Next Generation Science Standards allow schools to build skills such as communication, collaboration and problem-solving. Read more>>

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Sponsored by MySchoolBucks from Heartland School Solutions

With the ever-changing K-12 payments landscape, there are many things to think about when managing student fees at your schools. Watch this webinar to learn more about the current state of e-commerce and parent-buying behavior, considerations when looking for a universal payment solution, and the MySchoolBuck platform. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

New ride-hailing apps—such as HopSkipDrive, VANGo and Zūm—allow parents in a growing number of cities to find rides to school for their children. Read more>>

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Sponsored by Learning Ally

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution, featuring an extensive library of human-read audiobooks and a suite of teacher resources, allows students to access grade-level content in an easy-to-absorb format that makes sense to them, bridging the gap between their reading ability and intellectual capacity. Learn more>>

Steven Blackburn

Growth mindset studies reveal conflicting evidence on the benefits of the idea that student intelligence can improve through challenges and hard work. Read more>>

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Sponsored by Discovery Education

Digital learning has fundamentally changed teaching and learning. Learn more about some of the top game-changing elements exhibited by modern digital learning platforms in classrooms nationwide. Read more>>

Emily Brown

Districts across the country are facing persistent bus driver shortages and look to creative recruitment solutions. Some districts have increased wages to attract applicants, offered signing bonuses to new drivers, and promoted financial incentives for referrals, according to reports. Read more>>

Michael Driskill, DA guest columnist

Moonlighting at an assembly line might help teachers pay the bills, but it won’t help their students learn more. There is a better way, says DA guest columnist Michael Driskill, the chief operating officer at Math for America and a former teacher. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The Atlantic

Whether America’s public education system should give special attention to especially high-achieving students is a question that perpetually bedevils policy makers. Gifted education puts in tension two equally treasured American ideals: egalitarianism and individualism. Register now>>

The New York Times

While school debate can be good for aspiring politicians, they favor a closed-minded and partisan style of argument. Why? Because school debate ultimately strengthens and rewards biased reasoning. Read more>>


Stanford professor Jamil Zaki says empathy can be developed, like a muscle. He thinks training people to be more empathetic could affect the world positively not only at the individual level, but in things like school discipline and police training. Read more>>


When we discuss the cost of school choice, we usually focus on the economic impact, the loss of local control, or the policy impact on educational institutions. But on the classroom level, there is another impact. When stronger, more committed students leave a school, they leave that school with less student leadership and positive peer effect. Read more>>

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