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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Steven Blackburn

Student bullying in schools is increasing, even though district leaders have created anti-bullying programs to address the problem. And when schools fail to address bullying, lawsuits and even parental fines could result. Read more>>

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Statistics show that 20 percent of students have dyslexia or another reading deficit. Knowing this fact, how can we help them? The answer is the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution, a proven multi-sensory reading accommodation designed specifically for students who struggle with reading deficits. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

An Arizona district recently banned chocolate milk while a New York school system is considering the option to do so in hopes of improving student nutrition. The moves follow other schools that have already stopped serving flavored milk—sparking debates across the nation. Read more>>

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The promise of this era of education rests in the power of digital resources to provide equitable access to learning for all students. This new white paper examines pedagogically grounded research on how high-quality digital content can support teachers in helping students thrive academically and close the gap. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Attempts to control sexting among students can land administrators in legal and educational gray areas. Including sexting in comprehensive sex education can help students make better decisions about sharing explicit photos of themselves, experts say. Read more>>

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Student information systems (SIS) have changed how administrators, teachers and parents maintain and access student records. Now that most K-12 districts use a SIS, other school systems have built integrations to streamline processes even further. Here are five platforms to consider integrating with your SIS. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

High school esports and middle school esports remain wildly popular as the new school year begins, with a free curriculum available and entire states experimenting with new esports leagues. Read more>>

Dea Auray

We must focus on teaching teachers to read and instruct with an author’s eyes and to strengthen the literacy connection between writing and reading, says Dea Auray, the founder of Empowering Writers. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The Hechinger Report

Research shows that the early years are the best time for children to learn tolerance and respect for kids from other races, cultures and backgrounds. But that’s not happening nearly enough, according to a new Urban Institute report. That’s because preschools and day cares are deeply segregated on average—even more so than K-12 schools. Read more>>

The Wall Street Journal

Some school districts are flipping school start times, making younger students start earlier so teenagers can sleep longer. The moves are creating transportation and logistical challenges for school districts. It’s also causing upheaval at home. In some households, the change pits outraged younger kids against well-rested older ones. Read more>>


By listening to student needs around food, and taking the bold step to change how schools have always done things, a number of schools and their districts are meeting student needs. In the process, they are also developing relationships and improving classroom behavior. Read more>>

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