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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Matt Zalaznick

Teachers feel less optimistic, with most saying students need more social and emotional support, an annual educator confidence report says. Read more>>

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Healthcare costs are typically the fastest growing line item in a school district’s budget. Keenan Pharmacy Services was able to help a Maryland group of school districts save $2.3 million in the first year with Keenan, as compared to their prior program. Find out how you can save money for your district. Learn more>>

Chris Burt

Florida student-athletes enjoy camaraderie and 'Good Game' playing in Super Smash Brothers esports tournament at Full Sail University's iconic Fortress. Read more>>

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Looking to integrate coding or computer science into your technology plan? It’s never been easier with this free e-book that features resources, worksheets and tips. Download SAM Labs' latest e-book dedicated to helping educators effortlessly build out a coding program at both a school and district level. Read more>>

Justin Aglio, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

The Artificial Intelligence K-12 program in Pennsylvania’s Montour School District not only teaches students about AI, it also allows them to interact with robots to spark curiosity and encourage exploration, says Justin Aglio, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

While nonprofits provide assistance to low-income districts, school teams work to recruit girls and students of color, and educators teach inclusivity. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

Superintendents in New York (Eudes S. Budhai, pictured left), Georgia (Jason Branch, top right), Tennessee (Monique Felder, center right), and Illinois (Habeeb Quadri, bottom right) are recognized for success in their districts. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The Conversation

Rather than acknowledging well-documented tensions and revising expectations, educators can interpret behaviors that deviate from their expectations as evidence that there’s something wrong or lacking in families of color. Families need to be the architects of their own futures. That means starting with family stories, experiences, knowledge and cultural practices. We need to recognize negative histories with schools before jumping to solutions. Read more>>


Mathematics is created by humans, math teachers are humans and math students are humans. Yet many contemporary math classrooms erase humans from the equation. Read more>>

The New York Times

Common Core was one of the most ambitious education efforts in U.S. history. Did it fail? Or does it just need more time to succeed? Read more>>

The Washington Post

Our public schools have continued to struggle under the weight of misguided reform and legislation. Politicians need to consider the thing that might improve education the most: investing more public money in our teachers and children. Read more>>

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