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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Matt Zalaznick

Leveraging his students’ passion for fantasy battle game League of Legends, teacher Jason Dilley tasks his players with understanding the numbers behind the virtual action. Read more>>

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The Runtz Ball Chair by Learn by Safco now has more size options. Simply use the legs and feet or the feet only to create two sizes to help fit more students across all learning environments. These ball chairs are great alternative seating options to keep students active throughout the school day. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

Schools, and even some districts, are banning smartphones in the classroom as research continues to show that their use hinders learning.  Read more>>

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LEGO Education focuses on building confidence in STEAM learning with hands-on, engaging activities. Discover how we are shaping the next generation of innovators with lessons designed to spark creativity and encourage collaboration, all while developing 21st-century skills. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Some 98,000 immigrant students graduate from high school each year, but the U.S. Supreme Court may be on the verge of ending the program that allows them to study and work. Read more>>

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Interested in learning more about what an online credit recovery solution could look like in your school or district? Download this implementation guide for helpful information about course structure, sample implementation settings, implementation requirements, implementation support and professional development. Download now>>

Shawna De La Rosa

Administrators need not break the bank or disrupt daily schedules to offer paraprofessional training that ensures the success of students who need extra support. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

New debates about how and when sex education in schools should be taught, and what topics should be covered, are emerging as states and districts reconsider their sex ed curriculum. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy


A new study quantifies how individual counselors affect students. Better counselors boost students’ chances of graduating high school and enrolling in and remaining in college, it finds. And students of color do much better when assigned to a counselor of color, seeing their chance of graduating high school jump nearly 4 percentage points. Read more>>

New York Daily News

How much, if any, homework should elementary school students receive? It is an ongoing debate. Rather than debating abolishing homework, which has proven educational benefits, we should be discussing how teachers can better use it to advance student learning. Read more>>


Among the many things students are expected to do, self-assessing their learning is part of the suite of metacognitive tools that are valued in society. Self-assessment takes practice, and when it comes to schoolwork, students are not given enough opportunities. Read more>>


The Secret Service report examined school shootings in hopes of preventing future attacks. There were commonalities that many attackers shared, including a history of disciplinary actions, being absent from school before the attack and having multiple motives. Read more>>

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