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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Matt Zalaznick

Educators are working with city officials to enhance school parks and playgrounds in parts of cities that lack sufficient green spaces. Read more>>

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Sponsored by Fuel Education

A high school diploma is more important than ever—whether students are heading to college or into the workforce. But many students face academic and personal challenges that become roadblocks to achieving their diploma. Fortunately, credit recovery is an effective way for many students to overcome those obstacles. Read more>>


Administrators increasingly accept that boosting school safety may rely on realistic active shooter drills that can upset staff and students. Read more>>

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The Runtz Ball Chair by Learn by Safco now has more size options. Simply use the legs and feet or the feet only to create two sizes to help fit more students across all learning environments. These ball chairs are great alternative seating options to keep students active throughout the school day. Read more>>

Steven Blackburn

School closings continue to be a fact of life for districts across the U.S., as changing demographics force administrators to make unpopular decisions about shuttering underused buildings or starting the school consolidation process due to declining enrollment. Read more>>

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With the ever-changing K-12 payments landscape, there are many things to think about when managing student fees at your schools. Watch this web seminar to learn more about the current state of ecommerce and parent buying behavior, considerations when looking for a universal payment solution, and the MySchoolBuck platform. Watch now>>

Steven Blackburn

Computer technology has had a major impact on education over the years, but K-12 hasn’t completely abandoned paper and textbooks. The much anticipated ed tech transformation has not quite come to pass. Here are 11 barriers to technology integration in public education. Read more>>

Ken Thompson, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Ken Thompson lists key points to consider when realigning, reorganizing or implementing changes within a newly designed or seasoned technology organization. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The Seattle Times

Well-intentioned as we have been by creating this culture of competition around college admission, we’ve constructed a pathway for high school students that is clearly too rigid and narrow for a majority of our students. Read more>>

The New York Times

Parents and children should have the opportunity to work and learn in a way that smooths over the awkward incongruities of our daily work and school schedules. If we can do that, we will have achieved something truly "family friendly." Read more>>


Artists have historically played a crucial role in challenging dominant systems and inspiring change. It’s not surprising that today some of them are building unconventional education models and imagining new possibilities for learning. Read more>>


Early childhood education is critical for the formation of good school habits, learning habits, and the ability to thrive in a school environment. Read more>>

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