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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Chris Burt

Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Equity is driving many schools toward pass/fail, "floor grades" and other grading methods to ensure online learning doesn't derail students' academic progress during coronavirus closures. Read more>>

Greg Bagby, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

Leading during school closures means empowering teachers—plus offering encouragement and giving grace, says DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Greg Bagby, who is coordinator of instructional technology for the Hamilton County Department of Education in Tennessee. Read more>>

Jacie Maslyk, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Jacie Maslyk shares how to connect with and motivate your team—and students—effectively during school closures. She is assistant superintendent of Hopewell Area School District in Pennsylvania. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Coronavirus school closures could be the worst thing to ever happen to schools, the best thing or somewhere in between, says one superintendent. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

Experts say teachers ideally should receive weeks or months of in-depth preparation before launching an online learning program. Teachers are now doing their best in an unprecedented and constantly changing situation, but the varying amount of training districts are providing has created a patchwork of quality and gaps in accessibility. Read more>>


School districts are going to great lengths to keep students and families engaged and connected. But when it's not possible to get all online, they're turning back to an earlier device: the telephone. Read more>>

The Learning Network, The New York Times

While students say they miss their friends, teachers, sports, extracurricular activities and even “the loud and crazy lunchroom,” some have discovered that they enjoy getting to work at their own pace, set their own schedule and be free from “the stressful environment of school.” Read more>>


Taking “attendance” in America’s schools has never been more complicated. With school buildings closed nationwide, what once was a straightforward endeavor has become something of an anything-goes attempt to track whether students are engaged. Read more>>

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