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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Chris Burt

Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

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On the brink of manhood, Max's mother wanted to give him the benefit of men who could answer some of the questions she felt that she might not be able to. Four mentors taught Max lessons that serve as a road map for anyone wishing to support boys as they approach manhood. An examination copy is available. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

With schools closed and shifting to online education due to the coronavirus, a Colorado superintendent says he and his leadership team are not scripting or dictating how teachers deliver virtual instruction. Read more>>

Matthew X. Joseph, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker; Christine Ravesi-Weinstein, DA guest columnist

DA guest columnists Matthew X. Joseph and Christine Ravesi-Weinstein offer strategies for continuing learning opportunities and addressing student wellness—for the first week out and beyond. Joseph, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment at Leicester Public Schools, is a featured speaker at FETC. Read more>>

Gay Anderson, DA guest columnist

A School Nutrition Association survey finds most are engaged in emergency food assistance, but face a variety of challenges, including sustainability, says DA guest columnist Gay Anderson, SNA president and child nutrition director at Brandon Valley School District in South Dakota. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Administrators shifting to distance learning should not expect to become overnight experts during the early stages of COVID-19 school closures. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced an unprecedented swath of schools to suspend operations. Many of them have rushed to convert their teaching and learning to remote, online options. K-12 instruction, in stark contrast to universities, has been blindsided by the jarring transition to online schooling. Read more>>


Teachers are working to make sure students don’t get left behind, from students with disabilities to children without home internet to English learners. But educators who work with new immigrant children and teens adapting to life in America face some of the most complex challenges. Read more>>

USA Today

For kids with mild learning or attentional issues, working independently in front of a computer will be a major challenge. For families with children with more intense needs the closure of school will bring extreme misery. Read more>>


Not only are college visits cancelled, but the admissions calendar has been thrown off. Most acceptances or denials as well as financial packages are sent in the spring; however, families' finances may have changed already due to job loss. Admissions tests and class grading have also been jumbled. Read more>>

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