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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Chris Burt

Here are free resources, services and teaching materials being offered at no charge during the coronavirus outbreak. Updated on April 29. Read more>>

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We tell girls that they can be anything; so why do 90 percent of Americans believe that geniuses are almost always men? Journalist Janice Kaplan explores the powerful forces that have rigged the system—and celebrates the women geniuses past and present who have triumphed anyway. An examination copy is available. Read more>>

Mark D. Benigni, DA guest columnist

Sharing up-to-date district news communitywide and ensuring that messages are clear, concise and consistent is key, says DA guest columnist Mark D. Benigni, superintendent of Meriden Public Schools in Connecticut. Read more>>

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In the fall of 2018, Hurricane Michael was the first Category 5 hurricane to impact the Florida panhandle. Families lost their homes and children were not able to attend school. During this time of crisis, Bay District Schools worked hard to ensure kids could access lessons through remote learning. Read more>>

Matthew X. Joseph, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker; Christine Ravesi-Weinstein, DA guest columnist

DA guest columnists Matthew X. Joseph and Christine Ravesi-Weinstein offer strategies for continuing learning opportunities and addressing student wellness—for the first week out and beyond. Joseph, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment at Leicester Public Schools, is a featured speaker at FETC. Read more>>

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Instances of school violence, student self-harm, anxiety and depression are on the rise. This national mental health crisis is forcing districts to become more proactive in monitoring and providing services to students in need. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Administrators shifting to distance learning should not expect to become overnight experts during the early stages of COVID-19 school closures. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Several schools reopened after coronavirus-related closures Tuesday while many other districts ordered students to stay home as COVID-19 continues to spread in the U.S.  Read more>>

Also Noteworthy


Advocates of children with special needs are sounding the alarm on the proposed "Phase 3" coronavirus stimulus package, saying that it may eventually give the government power to absolve schools of at least some of their legal obligation to educate students with disabilities. Read more>>


The state of Illinois made history yesterday when it became the first state in the nation to include the arts as a distinct, weighted indicator of K-12 performance in its school accountability system. Read more>>

The 74

School closures become more complicated when schools are the main delivery system for social services. And it’s worth asking whether the cancellation of classes should mean that large numbers of children go without food. Read more>>

USA Today

The new landscape of remote work coupled with remote schooling is bizarre and chaotic. And it stands to get worse before it gets better: Districts and states vary wildly in their ability to deliver educational services at a time of social isolation. Read more>>

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