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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Nancy Mann Jackson

School districts have been overwhelmed with the array of ed tech. For many K-12 leaders, the answer has been to hire instructional technology coaches to guide classroom implementation. Read more>>

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Student information systems (SIS) have changed how administrators, teachers and parents maintain and access student records. Now that most K-12 districts use a SIS, other school systems have built integrations to streamline processes even further. Here are five platforms to consider integrating with your SIS: Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

TikTok lets kids make short videos set to music, and some schools are forming clubs around the app. Still, social media continues to cause concerns. Read more>>

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A new approach to RtI instruction helps 51 percent of below-grade level readers pass their end of year ELA assessment, compared to 17 percent the year before. Learn more about the results. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

The job of disciplining students, particularly those of color, often falls to black male teachers, who then become viewed as “disciplinarians first and teachers second,” according to a new report. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

Virtual advising and embedded graduates bring college advising to a wider group of students—some of whom may not otherwise receive any substantial guidance in making decisions about postsecondary education. Read more>>

Rushton Hurley, DA guest columnist

It has never been easier to create—and share—rich digital content to promote school success stories, says Rushton Hurley, DA guest columnist. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The New York Times

A district in New York has adopted the technology in the name of safety. Opponents cite privacy and bias concerns. Read more>>


There are five Dungeon Master practices that are compatible with teaching and learning objectives. Their application, whether with games or otherwise, can help make classes more fun, challenging, socially cohesive, personalized and, yes, epic. Read more>>

NBC News

States have started tip lines that let students anonymously report concerns about classmates and violence. But in many places, reports of students self-harming or feeling suicidal have far outpaced the number of threats against schools. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

The peer interactions that produced the strongest learning gains were those where adults gave children clear instructions that "forced" children to debate and negotiate to reach a consensus, studies show. Read more>>

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