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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Matt Zalaznick

Traditional school schedules fail to take advantage of the natural, daily cycle of a student's cognitive abilities, which are analytical earlier in the day, fall into a trough around noon, and become more creative later. Read more>>

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Healthcare costs are typically the fastest growing line item in a school district’s budget. Keenan Pharmacy Services was able to help a Maryland group of school districts save $2.3 million in the first year with Keenan, compared to their prior program. Learn more about how you can save money for your district. Read more>>

Ariana Fine

Faced with a lack of school lab space and a need for more in-depth medical imaging, district leaders and science educators have been seeking alternatives to real animal dissections in class.  Read more>>

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Sponsored by Lightspeed

Classroom audio helps teachers use their natural speaking voice to reduce distractions and keep students on task. Download the 6 Reasons a Classroom Audio System Benefits Teachers and Students Infographic to discover how this technology reduces teacher vocal strain and absenteeism and improves student engagement. Download now>>

Matt Zalaznick

Education experts are reimagining the PLC concept to move beyond the school building and into the globally connected world of social media and other interactive online platforms. Read more>>

Matthew X. Joseph, DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker

Recognizing and preventing these common mistakes will help administrators become more productive, successful and respected by staff, says DA guest columnist and FETC featured speaker Matthew X. Joseph, who is the director of curriculum, instruction and assessment at Leicester Public Schools in Massachusetts. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

Schools from Collier County Public (Florida), McHenry School District 15 (Illinois) and Anglophone East School District Hillsborough (New Brunswick, Canada) take top honors at FETC. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy

The New York Times

With oral arguments this past week, both sides of the long-running fight over vouchers for religious schools are preparing for a watershed moment for public education. Read more>>


With concerns around teacher stress and burnout, one cannot fault brands for focusing on tools that help with time management, paperwork and general administration. Yet when it comes to higher engagement, technology really needs to help drive new teaching methods; this is where AI can play a critical role. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

Researchers are scrutinizing students' physical environment, especially the air quality and temperature in classrooms. A growing body of research is making a persuasive case that both air pollution and heat harm student achievement. Read more>>

The Conversation

Public schools were originally envisioned in the 19th century as "common schools" where rich and poor kids could be educated together. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted the same thing—but it's not happening. Read more>>

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