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Last Week’s Most-Read Stories

Matt Zalaznick

Educators got a sneak peek at some soon-to-be-released digital translation programs and a wealth of other ed tech tools at the “TechSHARE LIVE Keynote” at FETC. Read more>>

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Math experts say that improving our numeracy skills isn't simply about numbers; it's also about developing the problem-solving skills we need for the 21st century. Join Brittany Goerig, a former classroom teacher and co-author of Daily Math Fluency, as she shares her tips on how to encourage mathematical thinking. Watch now>>

Melissa Ezarik

Special education educators and administrators—and mainstream educators with an interest in helping students with special needs—had many options to choose from during the first two days of FETC. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

Attendees got their hands dirty with high-tech and low-tech creations offered by a Kennesaw State service, iTeach, for teachers and students. Read more>>

Ray Bendici

Baltimore County Public Schools and Pinellas County Schools were honored for their innovative initiatives that have improved student learning outcomes. Read more>>

Chris Burt

From hardware and games to simply embracing esports in schools, attendees at the Future of Education Technology Conference learn how to make a new program run well. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy


Given how important relationships are to setting a kid on a positive trajectory, society needs to be talking not just about an "achievement gap," but about the "relationship gap" that is likely part of the problem. Read more>>

The Conversation

As the 2020 election approaches in the United States, President Donald Trump is adding school prayer to the list of contentious issues up for debate. Efforts to return religion to public schools threaten to reignite one of the oldest debates about the separation of church and state. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

Generic critical thinking skills don’t translate from one subject to another. However, that subject-specific critical thinking skills can be explicitly taught as you go deep into a lesson, be it history or math, as students need to learn a lot of information to process it. Read more>>

The New York Times

Hundreds of differences—some subtle, others extensive—emerged in a New York Times analysis of commonly used American history textbooks. In a country that cannot come to a consensus on fundamental questions, textbook publishers are caught in the middle. Read more>>

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