Last Week's Most Read Stories

Alison DeNisco

Laws recently passed in multiple states expanding the definition of excused absences to include mental health days move issues such as teenage depression, anxiety and suicide out of the shadows, and raise awareness. Read more>>

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Daniel Markovits, a Yale Law professor, dismantles the false promises of our so-called meritocracy in The Meritocracy Trap. "A sociological masterpiece—a damning indictment of parenting and schools, an unflattering portrait of a ruling class and the economy it invented. [A] brilliant critique,” says Franklin Foer, author of World Without Mind. Learn more>>

Matt Zalaznick

During the summer, new teachers at Tennessee’s Hamilton County Schools took neighborhood bus tours with their mentors as part of their summer orientation program designed to foster cultural diversity in the classroom. Read more>>

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The kits are the ideal way for classrooms, schools, libraries and districts to provide students with curated maker kits that are instructional, affordable, durable and fun. Available for pre-K through second grade and third through fifth grade, these unique kits are contained in handsome colored bins or colorful backpacks. Read more>>

Karen Beerer

Principals play a key role in guiding instructional practice in a school system. One of the three changes they can make that has an immediate impact is replacing packets of worksheets with dynamic digital exercises, says Karen Beerer, the senior vice president of teaching and learning at Discovery Education. Read more>>

Kevin Schwartz

It can empower students, solve for issues of equity and enable personalized learning. But there's much more to a 1-to-1 deployment than buying laptops, says Kevin Schwartz, a technology officer for learning and systems at Austin ISD and a featured speaker at FETC 2020. Read more>>

Matt Zalaznick

CTE programs are revving up the technology to keep pace with electric and self-driving vehicles. Leaders who align their programs with local industry enable students to earn more certifications while in high school, saving them money and better preparing them for the workforce. Read more>>

Also Noteworthy


The new U.S. government AP is part of a nationwide push—both inside and outside schools—for high-school students to engage in civic debate and action. A civics revival is long overdue. As of 2018, only eight states required students to take a yearlong civics and government class. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

We need to shift away from thinking of discipline as the thing you do to punish a student who is acting out or to rein in a chaotic class. We need to implement approaches that prevent incidents from happening in the first place, like focusing on relationships, developing students’ social and emotional skills, and refining what adults model in the face of conflict. Read more>>

The Atlantic

After 38 years in education, veteran educator Judith Harper thinks what teachers are missing is more time to learn from one another. Read more>>

Getting Smart

For many, a broader range of career options is only discovered later, near the end of high school or even in college, when the financial clock starts ticking. They must then scramble to make a decision that may not be the right one. Career exploration should be more of a priority in the K–12 world, and it should start in middle school. Read more>>

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