Matt Zalaznick

The two words, “these kids,” frustrate Tacoma Public Schools Superintendent Carla Santorno more than any other phrase. It’s used by some educators as a kind of secret code and a flimsy excuse for academic failure among marginalized students, she says. Santorno shows how caring, engaged teachers can break down barriers. Read more>>

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Fuel Education has put together a step-by-step guide to implementing online credit recovery solutions in your school or district. Their solutions are designed to help students recover credits, stay on track for graduation, and can be delivered in an online or blended learning environment. Learn more>>

The Inquirer

My-way-is-right stubbornness is gnawing away our core values during this era of polarized everything. Caught in this adult cross fire are those of high school age and younger who should be learning how to be productive citizens. Whether speaking loudly but respectfully or silently expressing their beliefs, high school students have to fight harder than they should while learning to be active, engaged students. Read more>>

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How are schools and districts using digital content? Is it making a difference in classrooms across the U.S.? In this free white paper, research and resulting data from Project Tomorrow and DreamBox Learning provides greater understanding in this new era of personalized learning and differentiated instruction. Read more>>

The Huffington Post

In many states, both Republicans and Democrats agree that schools need more money and teachers need better pay. But while most states are likely to put more money into schools this year, political divisions, budget constraints and competing visions for how to fix the education system could lead to some tense debates. Read more>>

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Effective questioning is a key pillar of sound leadership coaching. But what is effective questioning and how can it help you keep coaching conversations forward-thinking and constructive? This webinar will demystify the art of questioning by exploring the tactics NYC Leadership Academy has developed and refined over the last 15 years. Register now>>


As more schools adopt learning goals beyond reading, writing and math, certain questions are vexing school leaders worldwide: How can we measure growth in creative thinking? How can we spot a “self-aware” team member? How can we measure whether our graduating high school seniors have the habits necessary to succeed at college and throughout adult life? Read more>>


Teachers are turning to the mindfulness practice as a simple way to restore calm to the classroom, help students find some quiet space, and build self-regulation skills. But it’s also important to realize that some of the ways mindfulness is practiced—sitting still, eyes closed, in silence—can also be triggers for students who have experienced trauma. Read more>>

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