Michael Niehoff

If you ask educators about essential skills for all students, lifelong learning surely tops many lists. Educators have always known that the true joy of learning is all about the ongoing journey of continual improvement. But talking about it is very different from living it. If we want our students to succeed, we, as leaders, need to model lifelong learning. Read more>>

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Newman-Crows Landing USD is a rural district in a major agricultural center; their mission is to ensure that students can meet the needs of 21st-century jobs. Hear more from administrators about how their digital curriculum is preparing students for the future. Watch now>>

The Atlantic

Preparing our children for profoundly unlikely events would be one thing if that preparation had no downside. But time and resources spent on drills and structural upgrades could otherwise be devoted to, say, a better science program or hiring more experienced teachers. And there’s scant evidence that drills are effective. They can be psychologically damaging—and they reflect a dismaying view of childhood. Read more>>

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How are schools and districts using digital content? Is it making a difference in classrooms across the U.S.? In this free white paper, research and resulting data from Project Tomorrow and DreamBox Learning provides greater understanding in this new era of personalized learning and differentiated instruction. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

It’s past time districts introduce accountability goals that address the source of our educational problems: segregation. Housing segregation undoubtedly makes it difficult to create integrated schools. While it’s harder to change neighborhoods than to change schools, we can make sure schools don’t replicate our segregated lifestyles. Read more>>

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There has never been a more important time to courageously confront inequities in our school systems. While educators understand the important role of leadership in this challenge, many need support to build their capacity to lead for equity. Our solutions provide leaders with the skills to transform public education. Read more>>

The Washington Post

It’s only February and we’ve already seen teachers in Los Angeles, Denver and West Virginia go on strike. Now, it’s Oakland’s turn. Teachers there have similar issues with pay, large class size, too few nurses and counselors and other support staff, and the spread of charter schools. Keith Brown, Oakland Education Association's president, talks about what is at stake. Read more>>

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Restorative justice reduced average suspension rates in elementary and middle schools in Pittsburgh, a recent study found. Teachers thought their school climates improved. That was the good news. The bad news was that students reported that teachers become more lax in terms of classroom management. Perhaps more concerning was what researchers found it did to student achievement. Read more>>

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