Tim Goral

School districts around the country are experimenting with starting classes later to allow students to get extra sleep. While some dismiss the idea as pampering, Nathaniel F. Watson says there are solid scientific reasons to consider it. Lack of sleep hampers a student’s preparedness to learn, negatively impacts physical and mental health, and impairs driving. Read more>>

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Most K12 leaders are familiar with using data to plan and target instruction more effectively. But they might not be aware of the many ways that tracking and analyzing employees’ time and attendance data can reveal key trends and insights as well. Click for tips on making smarter decisions for your school. Read more>>

The New York Times

Cognitive scientists showed us that emotion is not the opposite of reason; it’s essential to reason. Emotions tell you what to pay attention to, care about and remember. Those early neuroscience breakthroughs remind us that a key job of a school is to give students new things to love—an exciting field of study, new friends. It reminds us that what teachers really teach is themselves with their contagious passion for their subjects and students. Read more>>

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How are schools and districts using digital content? Is it making a difference in classrooms across the U.S.? In this free white paper, research and resulting data from Project Tomorrow and DreamBox Learning provides greater understanding in this new era of personalized learning and differentiated instruction. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

Shaming students is keeping schools from teaching them. It actually works very well, but it runs the great risk of alienating students, moving the problem underground, and away from the supports a student needs to thrive. Read more>>


Often it’s the incremental changes, not the huge innovations, that ultimately transform systems. So while competency-based education in its most radical form may not end up being a viable solution for many schools, elements of the reform may make a big difference for educators and students where these conversations are happening. Read more>>

The Huffington Post

Union leaders have framed the LAUSD educator strike as a fight for the future of public education. But for teachers on the ground, it’s about getting day-to-day help so they might be able to pay more individual attention to their students. Read more>>

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