Tim Goral

About 6 million students (one out of seven) miss at least 15 days during the school year, according to the Department of Education. Valerie Marsh and Shaun Nelms offer four-research supported practices that have proven to boost attendance in real schools with real students. Read more>>

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How are schools and districts using digital content? Is it making a difference in classrooms across the U.S.? In this free white paper, research and resulting data from Project Tomorrow and DreamBox Learning provides greater understanding in this new era of personalized learning and differentiated instruction. Read more>>


Grading, calling parents, meeting with students after class, filling out paperwork, prepping lesson plans, new district initiatives and mandatory professional development can make teachers feel like there’s never enough time. It’s important to make instructional minutes count. How can schools be more creative with their time allotments? Read more>>

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While workforce management solutions can deliver measurable benefits to school districts, integrating this technology in the daily lives of employees can be a significant culture change. Get best-practice recommendations for managing change, driving a smooth implementation and maximizing adoption of your solution. Read more>>

Times Record

Students may never read another work of classical literature after they graduate, but they’ll see things on social media every day. Few skills could be more important these days than knowing when the news they are consuming or producing is credible, and when it’s fake. Read more>>

The 74

If there’s been one constant over the last decade in terms of teacher evaluation policies, it’s been change. But state policies have moved faster than researchers’ efforts to understand what works and why. The risk? If teachers remain skeptical of the evaluations, too often there is scant feedback, Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

Too often, children’s zip codes and family backgrounds dictate the quality of their education and the opportunities they can access. What if one vital component of that solution is right in front of us, capable, ready and willing, but untapped: older adults. They are not only capable of working with children, they are effective. Read more>>

The Gainesville Sun

School boards need to be allowed to punish students if their social media posts are harmful toward the school, students or faculty. A contract with each student should outline what they are allowed and not allowed to do according to their First Amendment rights, along with punishments for breaking the contract. Read more>>

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