Wauwatosa’s $124.9 million referendum passes to modernize aging schools

November 8, 2018
(gettyimages.com: yewkeo)(gettyimages.com: yewkeo)

The school district’s $124.9 million referendum — the second largest school referendum in Wisconsin on the Nov. 6 ballot — was approved by a 3:2 margin, according to unofficial returns.

Wauwatosa School District Superintendent Phil Ertl has expressed his appreciation to voters for their support of students and education in Wauwatosa. Sixty-one percent of the 25,541 voters cast yes” ballots,

“The willingness of generations of residents to sacrifice their hard-earned dollars for the benefit of our youth is what makes Wauwatosa such a tremendous place to live,” Ertl said. “We are so grateful for the community’s partnership.”