Vincent Matthews is K12 superintendent of San Francisco USD

Other people news: Anderson School District superintendent alternates principals, assistant principals between schools
By: | May 1, 2017

Vincent Matthews has been named superintendent of San Francisco USD. Previously he served as state-appointed superintendent of Inglewood USD, as superintendent of San Jose USD and Oakland USD, and as area superintendent for San Diego City Schools.

He was also state-appointed administrator in Oakland and Inglewood. At San Jose, he raised academic achievement, narrowed the achievement gap between Latino and white students, and passed agreements with the teacher’s union.

Tom Wilson, superintendent of Anderson School District in South Carolina, is alternating principals and assistant principals between different elementary schools to improve literacy and family support, especially in Title 1 buildings. The principals were relocated based on their strengths and which school would benefit most from their expertise.

Two new principals will come from neighboring districts; two principals will transfer to and from a middle school; and another will fill a newly created position—the coordinator of elementary instructional improvement. Four principals will not return next year.