Vendors discuss the keys to and challenges of SEL assessments

By: | October 15, 2018 FatCamera

How can district leaders guarantee that they will get accurate and actionable results from SEL assessments?

What are the biggest challenges?

“You need to ensure that you have a consistent behavior that you’re measuring throughout the whole school. You don’t want pockets of teachers measuring one thing and other teachers measuring something else.”

—Stefan Kohler, CEO, Kickboard


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“Integrate SEL into core instruction. For example, don’t create a separate class for growth mindset. If you’re a math teacher, one simple invention is to let students correct their own tests and get points back. Show students they can get better as opposed to their grade being final.”

—Aaron Feuer, CEO, Panorama Education

“I am concerned that SEL will be like most fads in education. It will come and go because of three simple facts that are all interrelated. A definition cannot be agreed upon for SEL; because there is no agreed upon definition, we cannot agree on a proper and valid assessment for SEL; and because we do not have a valid assessment, there is a lack of quality research on how or what to improve regarding SEL skills.”

—Terry Schmitz, owner and founder, The Conover Company


Victoria Clayton is a freelance writer in Southern California.