Vaccination data show some CT schools have high numbers of exemptions

May 6, 2019 | Hartford Courant

The state’s first-ever release of school-by-school vaccination data show some smaller schools have high numbers of students receiving religious or medical exemptions from vaccines, eclipsing 20 percent in a number of cases.

Some House and Senate leaders responded swiftly to records showing that 108 Connecticut schools fall under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended 95 percent immunization rate for measles, mumps, rubella vaccines in kindergartners.

“We had a sense of security with a 98 percent [statewide] immunization rate, but what we are now understanding is that in pockets of schools, that may be a false sense of security,” said Dr. Jack Ross, chief of infectious diseases at Hartford Hospital. “We are becoming ripe for the introduction of measles into populations with large numbers of unvaccinated children, and we are losing the protection and benefit of ‘herd immunity.’ ”

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