Utilizing the High Reliability Schools Model and PLC at Work to Improve Learning

Date of broadcast: Tue, 03/24/20
Register for this webcast with Solution Tree expert Cameron L. Rains to learn how to harness the power of the PLC at Work® process, in tandem with the High Reliability Schools™ framework, to drive continuous improvement in your district across five key areas:

  1. A safe, supportive, and collaborative culture
  2. Effective instruction in every classroom
  3. A guaranteed and viable curriculum
  4. Standards-referenced reporting
  5. Competency-based education

Rains will outline how to use these models across these five areas, and share how each area positively impacts students, teachers and parents.


Scheduled speakers:

Cameron Rains, EdD

Director of School Improvement

Solution Tree


Who will benefit:

Administrators interested in school improvement. Anyone may watch.

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