Updated resource provides to-the-point overview of Title I, Part A

By: | August 20, 2020

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released an update of Title I Programmatic and Accountability Requirements Under ESSA, which provides administrators an overview of the law’s most important programmatic and accountability provisions. This resource addresses the basic requirements of Title I, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act, as well as specific information about new requirements from the Education Department related to accountability, equitable services, and targeted assistance programs.

Title I Programmatic and Accountability Requirements Under ESSA provides a quick overview of Title I provisions and requirements, and explains how the different pieces fit together,” said LRP Executive Director of Education Content Julie J. Kline, Esq. “This to-the-point resource is a time-saving tool for administrators and educators.”

The new edition includes information from the latest non-regulatory guidance from ED on ESSA topics including:

  • The steps necessary to design and implement a Title I schoolwide program, as well as the requirements for such programs in ESSA.
  • How to combine and consolidate funds in a schoolwide program.
  • The requirements that must be met in operating a targeted assistance program under Title I, Part A, including how to allowably use funds and provide services to eligible students.
  • Which students are eligible to be served in a schoolwide program versus a targeted assistance program.
  • How to calculate the equitable services proportional set-aside under ESSA for the local educational agency, and how to calculate the appropriate per-pupil amount for private school students.
  • The timeline for meaningful consultation with private school officials and the documentation on the process that must be retained by an LEA.

Title I Programmatic and Accountability Requirements Under ESSA is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.