Updated resource provides best practices in implementing behavioral interventions

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released an update of Getting Behavioral Interventions Right: Proper Uses to Avoid Common Abuses. The 2020 version contains 20 revised chapters and four new chapters that give you step-by-step guidance on interventions such as level systems, proximity control, and antiseptic bouncing. Plus, each chapter provides scenarios that demonstrate how the intervention can be implemented appropriately and highlights potential pitfalls to avoid.

“I have often heard educators say ‘I tried it and it didn’t work’ with respect to popular strategies to improve behavior. But an intervention will not be successful if it is not implemented in the way it was designed,” said author Beverley H. Johns. “This book provides educators the tools they need to properly implement evidence-based interventions and meet the needs of students who present behavioral challenges.”

This resource also informs educators how to increase intervention success with up-to-date guidance on:

  • Current issues regarding the inappropriate use of time-out and physical intervention.
  • Considerations for students with anxiety and students who have experienced trauma.
  • Critical components of active supervision as a preventive strategy.
  • Using precorrection to provide students with knowledge of how to behave.
  • How mindfulness can help students deal with their emotions.

Getting Behavioral Interventions Right: Proper Uses to Avoid Common Abuses is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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