Unvaccinated teens marked by numbers at New Hampshire high school prom

By: | June 14, 2021

A New Hampshire high school managed to hold prom, despite continued concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, by writing numbers on the hands of unvaccinated students. The system drew criticism from some parents.

Seniors at Exeter High School in Exeter, New Hampshire, attended prom Friday night, which was held outside on school grounds, as COVID-19 was still clearly a concern.

State Rep. Melissa Litchfield, R-Brentwood, says she received messages Saturday from parents concerned that children were singled out for not being vaccinated.

In an email, the school explained that students who were unable to provide a vaccination card had a number written on their hand. Dancing was divided among three dance floors. During the dancing, after every few songs, students were asked to raise their hands to determine who they were around.

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