"The Superintendent and the CFO" and other reading picks for district leaders

Other recommended books focus on rewiring the brain for critical thinking, how principals can hone leadership skills and how to teach energy concepts across all science disciplines.

The Superintendent and the CFO: Building an Effective Team 

Rowman & Littlefied

Recognizing that sound fiscal policy and communication is essential for superintendents who seek to set sustainable educational programs, Brian L. Benziel and Kenneth E. Hoover examine the processes of fostering a successful management team.

The book offers advice on identifying and setting values, directing the business of learning, and creating a climate for continued success.

The authors also explain how to establish sound fiscal practices to manage cash flow and mitigate uncertainty, and provide a detailed outline for developing an annual budget. The Superintendent and the CFO.

Engaging the Rewired Brain

Learning Sciences International

Educators must adapt instructional practices as pervasive technology affects students’ focus, learning, memory, critical-thinking processes and behavior. Author David A. Sousa examines the strategies required to most effectively use technology and the growing role it has in the classroom.

The book guides teachers in developing digital literacy and sheds light on the benefits of differentiated instruction, flipped classrooms and online learning. Also included is a glossary of scientific and technical terms, plus a resources section that features useful websites. Engaging the Rewired Brain.

The Changing Landscape of School Leadership: Recalibrating the School Principalship

Rowman & Littlefied

School principals face new challenges in regard to leadership responsibilities, goals and objectives. M. Scott Norton underscores the need to gain new knowledge and skills to create more effective leadership that emphasizes collaboration with faculty in setting a mission to which all members can commit.

Aspiring educational leaders will learn how to tackle the ever-changing challenges and trends encountered by school principals, and how to create a vision needed to succeed. Changing Landscape of School Leadership.

Teaching Energy Across the Sciences, K-12

NSTA Press

Offering innovative strategies to guide teachers and students in understanding how energy works across all science disciplines, this book simplifies and organizes many core concepts. Editor Jeffrey Nordine offers educators five central ideas for teaching energy across the sciences so students grasp the concept’s importance, both in the classroom and in daily life.

He also provides professional development resources and systemic support for teachers and explains how to bring the concept in line with Next Generation Science Standards. Teaching Energy.

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