The Path to Digital Equity

Date of broadcast: Thu, 12/06/18

The digital transformation of a school district requires leadership, vision and the right tools. But too often, these efforts are limited in effectiveness because not all students have equal access to technology. In addition to building a culture of innovation, district leaders need to ensure equal access to digital resources for all students in order to improve learning.

Attend this web seminar to learn how to lead a digital transformation that promotes equity and access for all students. The Chief Innovation Officer from the Evergreen Public Schools in Washington will outline strategies and lessons learned from Evergreen’s journey to digital equity that you can apply in your district.

Topics will include:

    • Building a culture of equity, innovation and shared vision
    • Creating the organizational structure to support digital transformation
    • Using technology to empower personalized professional learning
    • Ensuring equity of access for all students


Scheduled speaker:

Derrick Brown
Chief Innovation Officer
Evergreen Public Schools (Wash.)

Who will benefit: Administrators interested in technology initiatives or digital equity. Anyone may attend.