The latest in device charging carts, lockers and equipment

Devices can be stored and charged in portable carts and lockers, and some models can also sync software
By: | Issue: August, 2015
July 16, 2015

Outside computer labs, the laptops and tablets that students use most commonly at school are shared, in-class devices, according to a Harris Poll/Pearson study from last year. These shared programs are more common in elementary schools, where 35 percent of students use shared devices. The rates for middle and high school students are 27 and 22 percent.

Comparatively, just 16 percent of students in the U.S. attend a school that has a 1-to-1 program.

No matter how a district supplies mobile devices to students, many challenges exist in implementing technology programsÑincluding cost, security and equity. Districts need proper device-storage equipment to protect substantial investments in tablets and laptops, and also to make learning efficient.

Devices can be stored and charged in portable carts and lockers, and some models can also sync software. With customized features such as removable shelves, storage equipment can adapt to new devices while accommodating older mobile computers.

Carrier 40 Cart


The latest Carrier 40 Cart features adjustable shelving and a wire rack to accommodate larger devices. The ECO Safe Charge feature charges up to 40 devices by staging the power provided. The optional iQ Sync Charge Box allows users to also sync devices while charging them.

mobiLAB Laptop Carrier


The mobiLAB stores, charges and secures various laptops and mobile devices. Available in three models, it can hold up to 20, 26 or 30 computers. Other features include a charging timer, a pop-up power center screen, a durable laminate top and power management dividers.

I-NOVO Charge Cart


This cart holds up to 32 tablets or Chromebooks, keeps them charged and ready to transport. The i-NOVO also can charge an iPad, Kindle, Nook, HP TouchPad, Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy. It has removable dividers to adjust for different devices. The i-NOVO also has keyed locking doors with ventilated powder-coated steel to prevent devices from overheating. Its wheels and six-foot retractable cord allow for easy transport from classroom to classroom.

YES Cart for Mini-Laptops


The shelves and bays inside the YES Cart for Mini-Laptops can adjust to fit tablets, e-readers and handheld devices with up to 14-inch screens or with oversize cases. The cart comes with heavy-duty, four-inch locking wheels and a 13-inch handle so it can be moved around the school or classroom. The YES Cart also has a built-in power management system that alternates power from one side of the cart to the other. A locking IT compartment in the back secures cables and power adapters.

TechGuard Lockers


Available in single-, five- and 10-unit capacities, TechGuard Lockers can hold and charge a 15.5-inch laptop, a 10-inch tablet and a cell phone at the same time. Also available in an Apple-exclusive version, the lockers can charge devices via AC or USB and can be secured with an electronic keypad. TechGuard Lockers are fully ventilated to keep devices at a safe temperature while charging.

KwikBoost Charging Stations


For classrooms or teacher’s lounges, KwikBoost charging stations can charge up to eight devices at once while using only one regular outlet. They can support a variety of Apple, Android, Kindle and other mobile devices. Available in a wall-mount or floor-stand design, all charging stations can be customized with a school’s branding.

Zip40 Charging Cart


Designed to accommodate the new technology to come, Ergotron’s Zip40 Charging Cart for the classroom stores, charges, transports and protects up to 40 different devices. Its adjustable slots and partial shelves accommodate laptops, Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, MacBooks or other devices with large cases. The Zip40 also includes Ergoton’s PowerShuttle management system, which charges devices up to 30 percent faster than a standard power system.

High-Efficiency (HE) Multi-Device Charger system

EarthWalk Communications

Operating from a single standard electrical outlet, this portable charging system can simultaneously power up to 32 units. It works with most laptops, Apple products or Chromebooks. Each group of charging cables is up to 10 feet long and charges batteries fully and evenly.

Charging Carts and Lockers

Black Box

Black Box carts and lockers store, charge and transport all types of e-learning devices. They feature a rapid wiring system, safety-first design and future-proof technologyÑcontained in a small footprint to fit in classrooms and administrative areas. Black Box charging carts and lockers come with a lifetime warranty on the steel frame.

LapCabby Mini


Suitable for tablets, Chromebooks and laptops, the LapCabby Mini stores, charges and transports devices. A digital timer and a power management system are included and can be programmed to charge devices between lessons or overnight. It comes in two models that hold 20 or 32 devices and is available in five colors: blue, orange, lime, purple and charcoal.

Belkin Secure and Charge


Designed for learning environments, the Secure and Charge is compatible with USB-charging devices, such as Chromebooks, iPads and e-readers. The locable station can store and charge up to 10 different kinds of devices at the same time, each with its own charging cable or adapter. The built-in cable management feature minimize cord tangles and clutter. The Secure and Charge can also be securely attached to tables or carts and are stackable to save space.

PowerDock Pro

Griffin Technology

With five charging bays, the PowerDoc Pro offers 12 watts of charging for any iOS or Android device. Each charging bay is designed to accommodate any smartphone or tablet without removing its case. The hidden built-in cord management system, along with the built-in power supply, keeps cables organized and eliminates clutter with tabletop use.

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