Texas education board approves new sex ed policy

By: | November 20, 2020

Starting in 2022, seventh and eighth-grade students in Texas will learn about forms of birth control beyond abstinence, but middle schoolers still won’t have to learn about the importance of consent or the definitions of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Over the last several months, panels of educators and medical professionals formulated recommendations to overhaul the health and sex education policies. The Texas State Board of Education, which determines what 5.5 million Texas public school students learn, has heard from hundreds of educators, advocates and experts across the state throughout the process.

The 15-member, Republican-dominated board took a preliminary vote to overhaul the minimum standards for what Texas students learn about health and sex, a process that has taken more than a year. This marks the board’s first thorough revision to its sex education policy since 1997 and will affect millions of students in the state.

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