Ten AI-Powered Tools to Use With Students to Engage All Learners

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Date & Time: Thursday, June 20th at 2 pm ET

The landscape of educational technology has transformed dramatically in the last year, exploding with the rise of AI tools. As classrooms increasingly integrate digital tools, understanding these AI tools for student use is crucial. AI-powered tools facilitate personalized learning, productivity and efficiency, content creation, assessment, knowledge building, content review, tutoring, collaboration, communication, and developing technology skills for the future. It offers instant feedback, real-time support, and deeper understanding through interaction. AI also fosters creative expression, allowing students to create virtual art galleries and build projects based on their imaginations. This webinar is designed to introduce the edtech community to ten AI tools that enhance student learning, taking their educational experience to the next level. We will provide an introduction to these AI-powered edtech tools, highlighting their features and benefits, so administrators and teachers can grow their skills and begin implementing new technologies with students as they plan for lessons next fall. Watch this fast-paced round of demos and choose an AI tool to try right away! Join us to harness this momentum and revolutionize student learning with AI-powered tools.

Session Highlights:

  • Fast-paced demos of ten AI tools that can be implemented immediately
  • Detailed overview of each tool’s features and benefits
  • Practical tips for incorporating these tools into your lesson plans
  • Interactive Q&A session to address your specific questions

Why Attend:

  • Stay updated with the latest AI advancements in education
  • Enhance student engagement and learning outcomes with powerful AI tools
  • Improve your teaching practices by integrating cutting-edge technology
  • Prepare your students with essential skills for future success beginning this fall!


Jennifer Womble, Moderator – Conference Chair, FETC

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