Teachers turn lessons into Instagram-worthy photos

December 4, 2018

Teachers have formed something of a community on Instagram. Using hashtags like #teachersofinstagram, they post photos of classroom decorations, lessons and daily outfits. Teachers say the accounts help them connect with each other, which can be especially helpful for teachers who are the only person teaching their subject or grade level at their school.

When she’s trying to decide which art supplies to buy for her class, Tennessee art teacher Cassie Stephens hops on Instagram. She’ll post the question on her Instagram story, and within minutes, other art teachers will send her ideas and videos.

Teachers like Stephens have formed something of a community on the app. Using hashtags like #teachersofinstagram, teacher Instagrammers post photos of meticulously crafted classroom decorations, lessons and even their daily outfits (Stephens posted a picture of her pencil-shaped scarf).

“Instagram is just a way for me to constantly take a peek into another art teacher’s room,” Stephens says.