Taking 1-to-1 to the Next Level: Training, Certifying and Employing Students in Device Warranty Repair

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Airdate: Tuesday, March 14 at 2 pm ET


Many school districts want to provide their students with special opportunities where they can both gain critical technical skills on campus that are essential for the workforce and receive compensation as school employees. The challenge is that these types of initiatives normally put an additional burden on taxpayers to compensate students.

As part of a larger 1-to-1 initiative with Acer, leaders at Bangor Area School District in Pennsylvania successfully created a device repair program for seniors who have already received enough credits to graduate. In this on-demand webinar recording, learn how Bangor Area School District now provides these students with device warranty repair certification, training and work while receiving reimbursement for their labor.

This on-demand webinar also covers how Bangor Area School District:

  • Is developing a curriculum for building gaming PCs
  • Provides 1-to-1 student devices that fulfill curriculum requirements
  • Modified their laptops to be more than a replacement of pen and paper
  • Went from having no Wi-Fi and little technology to supporting robust 1-to-1 initiatives


Timothy Curran, Director of Technology, Bangor Area School District

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