Nancy Mann Jackson

Today’s student must learn to code. But districts struggle to implement comprehensive programs that keep up with advancing technology in various schools and grades. Educators also realize that coding prepares students for highly computerized careers, and boosts critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Read more>>

Penn Live

Gov. Tom Wolf announced $9.6 million in PAsmart advancing grants to enhance science and technology education in schools statewide. Combined with other PAsmart targeted grants, the administration has awarded nearly $20 million this year to bolster STEM and computer science in schools. Read more>>


Gov. Bill Lee is prioritizing STEM education in his legislative agenda with a $4 million investment in initiatives to boost opportunities for students across the state, including the creation of statewide K8 computer science standards. He would also create the STEM-focused Future Workforce Initiative. Read more>>

Melissa Ezarik

A private-public partnership allows teens at a stand-alone extension of Florida Atlantic University High School to work alongside renowned scientists in a professional lab environment. Read more>>

The 74

Educators have tried to strengthen career pipelines by building “work cultures” in schools that expose students to new possibilities and on-the-job experiences. A 2018 study of children who grow up to file patents found that STEM programming by itself was not effective. Apart from being born into affluent families, the biggest influence on whether girls became inventors was whether they lived close to women who invent. Read more>>

The New York Times

New research explores how access to technology helps put girls on par with boys. The Girl Scout Research Institute's tech report found that boys play games for fun, while girls use tech to learn. Still, boys remain more confident in their skills. Another takeaway showed that parents give sons more digital freedom. Read more>>


Several middle schoolers worked on a challenging puzzle cube as part of a STEM project to help them overcome learning disabilities at Newark's The College School, which partners with the University of Delaware's mechanical engineering and clinical psychology departments. Read more>>


Pursuing any major in STEM is competitive, and gaining acceptance to a top college requires more than just high test scores and AP classes. In the eyes of most prestigious universities, summer research programs are not limited to the medical field but extend into the realm of coding, engineering design or software development. Read more>>

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