Ray Bendici

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies will so greatly transform business that an estimated 85 percent of the jobs needed by 2030 have not been created, according to a recent report. Despite the unpredictability, students can still learn to use collaboration software, video- and audio-editing programs, website design platforms, coding applications, and other digital tools that they will encounter in the workforce. Read more>>

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Use great fiction as a launch pad to help your ravenous and reluctant learners find that spark of curiosity. In the "Andy Weir and the Unintended Consequences of Curiosity" essay by Gillian King-Cargile, the STEM Read director at Northern Illinois University, find out how asking good questions can lead to great things for your students. Read more>>

NC State University College of Education News

With a three-year, $1.2 million National Science Foundation grant, North Carolina State College of Education will develop and test an e-mentoring program that pairs underrepresented high school students with engineering majors of similar background, race, gender and experiences studying at at the college in an effort to improve students’ attitudes about and participation in STEM. Read more>>

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream, it offers many opportunities for students to learn skills they can use in the workforce. It also offers incentives for more companies to move into the K12 STEM education space—to meet a need and reap a profit. Except, there isn’t much AI curriculum in STEM education. Read more>>

Dyersburg State Gazette

Dyer County Schools debuted its new mobile STEAM lab, the Steamroller. The mobile unit is expected to provide roughly 1,500 K5 students with an opportunity to learn fundamental engineering and science concepts and critical thinking skills while working with a team. Read more>>

Cove Herald

Pairs of seventh-grade history students at S.C. Lee Junior High School reviewed their Texas history lessons through a high-tech scavenger hunt. Teachers put up QR Codes that students scanned with tablets to read a question whose answer led them to another code location. Read more>>

The Hechinger Report

The tension between demographics and academic excellence is prompting scholars to take a closer look at the data on scores and grades and how well entry exams, such as the one associated with New York City's elite public high schools, predict achievement. But one researcher thinks the most consistent bias might be against gender. Read more>>

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