7 ways to celebrate STEM/STEAM Day

A compilation of some of the most innovative ideas and initiatives in STEM education
By: | November 7, 2019
DA celebrates STEAM and STEM Day by compiling seven innovative ideas and initiatives in STEM education.

In honor of National STEAM and STEM Day, District Administration has compiled seven innovative ideas and initiatives in K-12 that promote the advancement of STEM education.

1. A black school bus filled with ed tech and STEM equipment visits elementary schools in Baltimore County Public Schools that don’t have the resources to provide innovative learning technologies. The bus allows students to code on laptops and build robots. Read more.

2. Sylvia Martinez, a former aerospace engineer and featured speaker at DA’s FETC 2020, provides seven reasons why schools should make STEAM more creative. Read more.

3. In a repurposed swimming pool near Indianapolis, Plainfield Community School Corp. students complete chemistry projects in the so-called “messy space” and learn about nutrition and growing food in an outdoor garden. Read more.

4. In New Jersey, Henry Hudson Regional School students participate in Skills USA competitions and STEAM TANK, a U.S. Army-sponsored event that requires critical thinking and team collaboration. Read more.

5. DA exposes five myths about STEM education that contribute to many students struggling in these subjects. Students experience more success in school when teachers provide STEM learning in early grades. Read more.

6. The Florida Atlantic University Lab School District increases enrollment in STEM-related classes through an initiative that encourages related research and hands-on discovery from the earliest grades. Read more.

7. In South Carolina, Fort Mill School District students develop important career-boosting skills by learning how to use digital art tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and video and animation platforms. Students use these tools to complete English, math, social studies and science assignments. Read more.

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