STEM, careers to receive more attention in 2017

Nearly half of all superintendents say STEM will receive new or additional attention this year in classrooms, according to a DA survey of K12 leaders.

Unlike last year, which showed that more readers would implement new reading and language arts programs (at least in elementary schools), nearly half of all readers say they will focus more heavily on STEM.

Only 31 percent of the readers say they will give more attention to reading and language arts programs this year.

Career readiness and faculty PD also ranked highly. Forty-two percent of readers say they will add new or additional attention to career readiness and 35 percent say they will do the same with PD. About 28 percent of readers say they will emphasize college prep programs.

Respondents cite other areas that will be stressed this year, including improving student attendance and creating a culture of wellness and positive behavior.

A total of 288 leaders participated in this curriculum survey, which was part of a broader set of trend surveys deployed to readers in late 2016.

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