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Solution Showcase

The Solution Showcase brings together the latest K-12 education products and service solutions in one easy-to-use section. This year’s collection includes 30 entries from solution providers. Their innovative products have been developed in response to needs expressed by school districts across the U.S.


DA is pleased to work with these solution providers to showcase the most effective and cutting-edge products and services.

Administrative Software

Electronic Therapy


Pioneered by experienced speech language pathologists and special education experts, with a long track record in teletherapy, E-Therapy is determined to bridge the gap between students’ needs and therapists’ expertise.



Get more from your 403(b) recordkeeping system. IPX combines all of your 403(b) providers on a seamlessly integrated platform. With our convenient online portals, you and your employees have easy access to the information you need from any of your 403(b) providers.

School & District Apps by SchoolInfoApp


Keep your students, staff and campus visitors safe with Health & Wellness Screening by SchoolInfoApp, just one example of the real solutions included with your school or district’s app by SchoolInfoApp. Streamline communications, save time and unify your messaging with an integrated website, mobile app and voice dial, text & email platform.



Federal communication compliance (ESSA, IDEA/504) with expertly written and translated notifications. Store and standardize your existing forms, create new forms, and use our compliant notices to engage parents on any device. Roster data integration, workflows, & digital signature collection. Trusted by 10+ State DoE & 6,500 districts for 26 years.



TeacherLists is the free, ADA compliant, easy-to-use online solution that helps thousands of districts and schools efficiently manage and share back-to-school supply lists with parents. With direct links to national online retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more, TeacherLists makes shopping for supplies contact-free and easier than ever.




Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson

Bright White Paper

Create, Display & Laminate – The Education Pro Color Poster Maker and our DIY tools allow you to create educational posters, displays & banners on demand and for less. We also offer discounted supplies for all poster makers, cold laminators, reusable display products EasyBoards and EasyFrames, and 30 colors of thermal poster paper.

Fly Five: The Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum

Center for Responsive Schools, Inc.

Fly Five is a standards-based kindergarten through eighth grade social and emotional learning curriculum intended to be used to explicitly teach the age- and grade-appropriate social, emotional, and behavioral skills that lead to success in, out of, and beyond school. Available Spring of 2021!

Gale In Context: Elementary

Gale, a Cengage Company

Gale In Context: Elementary provides a research environment for students who are just getting started in their life-long learning adventures. With an easy to explore visual interface, this database encourages students’ natural curiosity and covers a wide range of age-appropriate, curriculum-related content, including animals, arts, and more.

Checkology® virtual classroom

News Literacy Project

Checkology® virtual classroom is a free platform and contains 13 lessons to teach middle and high school students how to identify credible information, seek out reliable sources, and know what to trust, what to dismiss and what to debunk. It also gives them an appreciation of the importance of the First Amendment and a free press.

Student Leadership Program

Lead4Change Student Leadership Program

Lead4Change is Leadership Curriculum with a Community Service Framework that produces real change in 6-12 graders. Join 11,000+ educators in using resources that are proven, easy to use and free. Perfect for classroom, virtual or club setting. Students connect with others, discover a purpose and learn to be a leader.



LearnZillion provides comprehensive, core curriculum on a usable digital platform. Our math and ELA programs earned ‘all green’ ratings from EdReports, and offer seamless LMS and SIS integration for strategic, district-wide instruction. Teachers save 45 minutes per day in prep time, making LearnZillion the best delivery of the best curriculum.

Naviance: College, Career
& Life Readiness Solution

Naviance by Hobsons

Naviance helps middle and high school students discover their strengths and interests and aligns them with their college and career planning. Providing students with career exploration tools and work-based learning opportunities, Naviance equips them with skills and knowledge to uncover their best-fit path to reach their future career goals.

Core5 &

Lexia Learning

Lexia’s personalized literacy programs help K–12 students of all abilities accelerate learning to close literacy gaps and provide teachers with real-time data to differentiate instruction—without stopping to test. Rated “Strong” by Evidence for ESSA, Lexia is research-proven to help students become successful readers and confident learners.

NetSupport Inc.

The easiest classroom management and teaching platform you’ll ever use, classroom. cloud provides teachers with the flexibility to deliver learning to in school, remote and hybrid environments. Manage students’ school devices, monitor their screens, control internet usage, assess with surveys and more. Simple to set-up and maintain.

Reading Plus

Reading Plus

Develop confident, lifelong readers with Reading Plus, a supplemental literacy solution for grades 3-12 that produces 2½ years of growth in just 60 hours. Reading Plus provides personalized intervention and instruction to boost comprehension, vocabulary, and silent reading fluency.

K-8 Online Math Program

Wowzers, LLC

Wowzers Online Math is a data-driven comprehensive K-8 curriculum aligned to all state standards. Wowzers uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning and keeps students engaged by using a variety of learning modalities. Available on Apps, online or offline making Wowzers a perfect solution for both in school and at-home learning.

UWorld AP®


UWorld’s unique, online learning tools for Advanced Placement® courses and exams promote engagement, retention, and learning. Realistic questions, detailed explanations, customizable assignments, and progress monitoring enhance instruction, save teachers time, and improve overall student success.




School Meal Growth


Aramark serves more than 273 million meals each year to 2.5 million K-12 students, with over 60 years of school nutrition program experience. Our innovative dining solutions have helped districts manage funds and safely feed kids amid COVID and can assist districts in rebuilding nutrition funds. Learn more at




Kloud-12 Classroom Video Solution


Take the complexity out of classroom video recording with Kloud-12. Capture lessons using our OneDevice™ ondemand 360° HD camera. Teachers livestream, record, view and share their lessons from any browser, in an easy-to-use app. One simple, powerful solution. Zero setup for teachers, and enterprise-ready for schools of any size.

SEE Family of USB Webcams


The VDO360 SEE family of webcams brings a variety of affordable high-quality webcams to remote/hybrid learning environments. The 1SEE provides HD video with an integrated USB hub. The 2SEE HD 1080p webcam adds a fourmicrophone array – and the 3SEE offers the whole package with 4K video, microphone and speaker.

Smithsonian Science for
the Classroom™@HOME

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Smithsonian’s new SS@HOME supports districts struggling to prevent students from falling behind in science. @HOME features extend each module’s storyline from the classroom to home. A remote teaching plan integrates investigation videos and digital resources maintain scientific thinking and learning while students cannot be in the classroom.



Comprehensive Health & Safety Solutions

Blue Refuge

Finally, a meaningful solution for healthier students, more secure campuses, optimal learning environments, and restored peace of mind. Backed by 100+ years of team experience, the Blue Refuge solution is the most comprehensive offer on the market today and developed from evidence-based research. Restore peace of mind to your campuses.

Navigate360 Behavioral Threat
Assessment Manager


Streamlines the threat assessment process allowing you to manage cases, store information securely, and track and report progress. Employ the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) or Federal Model (NTAC) methodologies to help your threat assessment team efficiently and effectively assess threats to keep students safe.



The most Comprehensive School Dismissal Automation and Student Safety Solution. Thousands of schools around the world and across the US have consistently observed smoother, safer, socially distant dismissals with reduced traffic congestion and carbon footprint, thus creating a more healthy and sustainable school community.

Navigate360 Visitor Management


Navigate360 delivers the future of visitor management. Built from the ground up our innovative visitor management welcomes your community while protecting students and staff. Navigate 360’s Visitor Management increases security, reduces fear and empowers staff to manage the complexities of the front office with a welcoming touch.







We make school inventory tracking easy! Just scan the QR code tag with your smartphone to check out items in a second. Our complete solution includes cloud software, scanner apps and custom QR code tags set up and ready to go. Earn that top grade with GoCodes.





Engineering and Computer Science
Essentials: An Integrated Program

EiE, Museum of Science, Boston

Fuel curiosity. Inspire creativity. Spark imagination. EiE’s new Engineering and Computer Science Essentials™: An Integrated Program for grades 1-5 brings science, engineering and computer science practices together to help learners become problemsolvers and to promote access, equity, and excellence in fun and engaging classroom lessons.

Ultimaker 2+ Connect


Thousands of designers and educators love Ultimaker technology because it just keeps working – day and night, year after year. Since 2015, over 6 million prints have been prepared for the previous model. And the Ultimaker 2+ Connect improves on that workhorse legacy (air handler sold separately).



BrickLAB STEAMventures

PCS Edventures

PCS Edventures is a preferred STEM education vendor to school districts and STEM educators nationwide, with over 30 years of experience including running after-school STEM labs and supplying schools, afterschool, charters, home-schools and other programs with teacher-approved curriculum and quality materials.





Telemedicine & Virtual Mental Health

First Stop Health

First Stop Health provides care that people love. Teachers and staff can access Telemedicine & Virtual Mental Health 24/7 via mobile app, website or phone. We help save time and money with safe, convenient, high quality care. We average 44% utilization and guarantee savings for your school district.