Social media teems with tech tips

Many teachers turn to Twitter for guidance

Teachers learn how to use multimedia in the classroom through networking: both in person and on social networks.

Twitter is a solid resource, says Matt Miller, a teacher and author of Ditch That Textbook. “There are some really robust, engaged communities on Twitter through certain hashtags, where teachers are sharing ideas and asking and answering questions all the time” Miller says. “That’s been my single best source of professional learning.”

When Tracy Walker, a teacher at Novato USD, started using video, she also followed educators on Twitter doing interesting projects. Walker says she learned about most apps and everything she knows about how to use them through the Twitter network.

For example, when she saw a student video with an eye-grabbing special effect, she reached out to the teacher who posted it to ask how it was created. Then she did her own research about it. “I’m very thankful for this tribe of people [on Twitter] who use film in the classroom” she says. “It was a game-changer.”

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