Share professional development opportunity with technology leaders

'IT is no longer just about repairing computers and keeping the network up'
By: | February 8, 2021
(GettyImages/Dmitry Mayer)(GettyImages/Dmitry Mayer)

During the pandemic, it has been evident how high-performing technology departments lead and support the digital transformation occurring in every K-12 school system.

But technology leadership keeps changing. DA’s National Technology Leadership Academy will train your top technology trailblazers to successfully navigate the new landscape and help prepare all students to be global digital citizens.

Share this opportunity with a tech standout who desires to be a great chief information officer.

“The DA Technology Leadership Academy is for every leader in IT who truly wants to grow as a leader to get their department to the next level,” says Eva Mendoza, executive director of information technology at San Antonio ISD in Texas.

“IT is no longer just about repairing computers and keeping the network up,” Mendoza said. “The experiences and stories shared by the expert presenters teach what actions are needed to achieve transformational and cross functional leadership. It’s often hard to pull away from our daily duties but the lessons and resources are worth every minute.”

Sessions begin in April 2021.

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